2 Houses ,美国, Florencia Rissotti Arq


The project is about the transformation of a house between party walls, into two.

新方案包括一个家庭用房和一个出租用房。在不修改房产原有的覆盖面积的情况下,前提是使这两个单位与外部有尽可能好的关系,这就是Casa Terraza和Casa Jardín出现的原因。

The new program included a house for the family and a house for rent. Without modifying the original covered square meters of the property, the premise was to make both units have the best relationship with the outside possible, and that is how Casa Terraza and Casa Jardín emerged.

Casa Terraza, (露台屋),出租屋,在土地的前面有两层,私人空间在一楼,客厅-厨房区在一楼,与露台有关。

Casa Terraza, (terrace house), the rental house, is organized on two levels in the front of the land, with the private spaces on the ground floor and the living-kitchen area on the first floor, in relation to the terrace.

Casa Jardín(花园住宅)将其公共空间变成一个画廊和一个后花园。后面的独立工作区取代了原来的烤肉区。在二楼,有卧室和浴室。主卧室通往屋顶花园,而孩子们的卧室有自己的夹层。

Casa Jardín (garden house) turns its public spaces into a gallery and a back garden. An independent workspace in the back replaces the old barbecue area. On the second floor, there are bedrooms and bathrooms. The main bedroom accesses a roof garden, while the children’s bedrooms have their own mezzanines.


The material palette was limited: white, tiles, vanilla tile (commonly used in sidewalks), and wood for both houses.


In addition to their private exterior expansions, both houses share an entrance courtyard. The sidewalk and that patio had the same material treatment, creating a shared street as a prelude to its interiors.


Native species were planted in the garden, which fills the days in the house with wild flowers and butterflies.

Architects: Florencia Rissotti Arq
Area : 2476 ft²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Fernando Schapochnik
Manufacturers : FV GRIFERIAS, Peisa, Pewen, Quadri, Sanitarios Ferrum
Lead Architect : Florencia Rissotti
Collaborators : Mariano Peralta Brizuela, Victoria Sabaino
Builder : Jorge Langenheim
Landscaping : Estudio Berberis
Country:United States