28 Posti餐厅,意大利米兰,Cristina Celestino

米兰目前可能会受到严厉的封锁,但生活最终会恢复正常,当这种情况发生时,我们想在28号波斯蒂餐厅敬酒,这是一家位于热那瓦港的现代地中海餐厅,最近由意大利设计师克里斯蒂娜·塞莱斯蒂诺(Cristina Celestino)进行了改造。这家餐厅以其可容纳的座位数量命名,于2013年成立,是体验厨师马可·安布罗西诺(Marco Ambrosino)烹饪的亲密场所,他的前卫菜肴借鉴了坎帕尼亚的传统美食。塞莱斯蒂诺的室内设计体现了真实、简单和复杂的和谐平衡,这是安布罗西诺季节性菜单的特点,同时保留了餐厅以欢乐和轻松著称的氛围。

Milan may currently be under hard lockdown, but life will eventually get back to normal and when that happens one of the places we’d like to make a toast in is 28 Posti, a contemporary Mediterranean restaurant in Porta Genova which has recently been revamped by Italian designer Cristina Celestino. Named after the number of seats it accommodates, the restaurant was established in 2013 as an intimate spot to experience the cooking of Chef Marco Ambrosino whose avant-garde dishes draw from the traditional cuisine of Campania. Celestino’s interior design reflects the harmonious balance of authenticity, simplicity and sophistication that characterize Ambrosino’s seasonal menus while retaining the convivial and relaxed atmosphere that the restaurant is known for.

Design:Cristina Celestino
Photography:Delfino Sisto Legnani


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