55 Sathorn之家,泰国,Kuanchanok Pakavaleetorn Architects

55 Sathorn的房子是多年来在设计、材料使用和致力于精细的建筑细节方面的经验的结晶。 该设计代表了它的主人,同时也是建筑师的一种反映。我们的目标是在繁华的曼谷中心创造一个简单的三居室房屋。沙通是一个充满活力的商业和文化区,位于曼谷的中心。该区由狭窄的小街和低层排屋组成的独特身份是设计考虑的组成部分。

55 Sathorn house is the culmination of years of experience in design, use of materials, and dedication to fine construction details. The design represents a reflection upon its owner, who is also the architect. The goal was to create a simple three-bedroom house in the bustling center of Bangkok. Sathorn is a vibrant business and cultural district located in the heart of Bangkok. The neighborhood’s distinctive identities comprised of narrow side streets and low-rise townhomes are integral parts of the design consideration.

挑战在于建筑面积的限制。 在形式和材料上,第一眼就可以看到强烈的声明。 沉重的现浇混凝土似乎被狭长的缝隙切开,以实现可居住的功能。 一条光带切割和雕刻出混凝土结构,创造出一个内部的垂直庭院安排。 混凝土带无重量地漂浮在屋顶上,显示并标记出屋顶庭院。 尖锐的边缘和圆角的立面允许并尊重自然元素,如雨水和风。两个房子体量的分离创造了一个来自南方的内部风洞效应。

The challenge was the limitation in the size of the construction area. A strong statement in both form and material can be visible at first glance. Heavy pour-in-place concrete seems to be sliced open by narrow gab-making ways for inhabitable functions. A strip of light cuts and carves out the concrete structure creating an internal vertical courtyard arrangement. Ribbons of concrete float weightlessly to reveal and mark the rooftop courtyard. Sharp edges and rounded corners elevations allow and respect natural elements such as rain and the wind. Volumetric separation of the two house masses creates an internal wind tunnel effect from the south direction.

最初的任务是开发一个组织良好的五层结构,通过一个半透明的垂直钢楼梯相互连接。客厅和中央厨房都有大型落地窗。 所有三间卧室共享一个内部庭院,但保留其隐私。 定制的内置柜子是功能性的存储空间。 每个立面都代表了进入房屋内部工作的一个独特视角。 当你从一楼走到屋顶花园时,你可以体验到空间、庭院、楼梯和光线的俏皮安排。

The initial task was to develop a well-organized five stories structure interconnect via a translucent vertical steel staircase. The living room and central kitchen both have large floor-to-ceiling windows opening. All three bedrooms share an internal courtyard but retain their privacy. Customize built-in cabinets for functional storage spaces. Each elevation represents a unique perspective into the inner working of the house. You can experience the playful arrangement of space, courtyard, stairs, and light as you move from the first floor to the roof garden.

大窗户和开口的战略布置被用来编排不同时间段的阳光、过滤光和反射光,使整个房子的光线更加充足。参观者可以欣赏到对细节的关注,这些材料组合在一起,完美地结合在一起,为某个目的服务。天然木材、混凝土砌体墙、钢材、玻璃和天然石材是整个调色板的组成部分。55 Sathorn的房子对业主来说代表着稳定、安宁、舒适和平静。需要帮助吗?下面你可以找到一些问题来帮助你描述你的项目。

Strategic placement of large windows and openings is used to choreograph the amount of sunlight, filtered light, and reflected light throughout the house at different hours. Visitors can appreciate the attention to detail in the way materials come together and align perfectly to serve a purpose. Natural wood, concrete masonry wall, steel, glass, and natural stones are integral parts of the complete palette. 55 Sathorn house represents stability, tranquility, comfort, and calmness for the owners. Need Help? Below you can find some questions to help you describe your project.

Architects: Kuanchanok Pakavaleetorn Architects
Area: 460 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: W-Workspace
Lead Architects: Kuanchanok Pakavaleetorn, Greg Mielimaka
Architects:Kuanchanok Pakavaleetorn Architects
City:Khet Sathon


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