611 West 56th Street 塔楼,美国, Álvaro Siza Vieira

这座狭长的住宅楼从外面看成为 “家”,而它的窗墙则向天空攀升,从里面捕捉到令人难以置信的城市景观。

This long narrow, residential tower becomes ‘home’ from the outside, while its windowed walls climb toward the sky to capture incredible urban views from the inside.


Located at 823 11th Avenue and the corner of 56th Street, the recently completed residential tower 611 W 56th St, rises up from the ever-changing New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. Set within a forest of buildings that shoot from the ground, shoulder to shoulder, unique yet just one cell of a growing body – with the spontaneity of a cypress tree or a bamboo stalk.

这座塔在曼哈顿西部边缘靠近哈德逊河的地方占据了纽约市天际线的一部分,以第十一大道的西北角为基地。它矗立在一个狭窄的场地上,处于一个由较高和较低的建筑、黑暗和辉煌、古老和现代以及各种时间演变的材料、质地和颜色组成的异质背景中。该建筑的轮廓为36层,从建筑的底部伸出,同时尊重该地块严格的城市分区要求。它的面积为172,000 SF,高度超过450英尺,并提供多样化的住宅,从一到四房单位,梯田式的 “小套房 “复式,以及顶楼。

Capturing its portion of the NYC skyline along the western edge of Manhattan near the Hudson River, this tower claims the northwest corner of Eleventh Avenue for its base. It stands on a narrow site within a heterogeneous context of higher and lower buildings, dark and brilliant, old and contemporary, and a variety of time evolved materials, textures, and colors. The structure has a profile of 36 floors projecting from the building’s base while respecting the strict urban zoning requirements of the site. It measures 172,000 SF, over 450 feet tall, and provides a diversity of residences ranging from one- to four-bedroom units, terraced ‘maisonette’ duplexes, and penthouses.


A primary architectural design objective for 611 W 56th St residential tower was to mark this important urban intersection, creating a strong architectural presence on an extremely narrow site in order to firmly connect with and celebrate its prominent corner relationship within the city and its streets.


At the same time, this white limestone volume reaches toward the sky in brilliant contrast, rising against the adjacent black glass and steel neighboring development to the north. It grows tall out of its surrounding built landscape of time-evolved neighboring buildings of many sizes, proportions, and mixed materials like more traditional brick and stone.

611 W 56th塔楼加入了一个预先存在的城市森林和一个不断发展的异质性社区,努力实现对城市化和背景的体积尊重。

611 W 56th tower joins a pre-existing urban forest and a heterogeneous evolving neighborhood, striving for volumetric respect for urbanization and context.

Architects: Álvaro Siza Vieira
Area : 172000 ft²
Year : 2022
Photographs :João Morgado
Local Architects : Gabellini Sheppard Associates, SLCE Architects
Client : Sumaida + Khurana & Levy
City : Nova Iorque
Country : United States