AdH住宅是位于墨西哥墨西哥城的一个极简主义住宅,由Francesc Rife工作室设计。尽管墨西哥一直被其强烈的色彩和充满活力的室内所定义,该住宅干净的几何形状和宁静的色调寻求平衡业主的艺术收藏的活力。该工作室位于Lomas de Chapultepec住宅区,建筑的设计也体现了室内的精神:一个基于空间质量和深度秩序感的项目。

AdH House is a minimal residence located in Mexico City, Mexico, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. Although Mexico has always been defined by its intense colors and vibrant interiors, the clean geometry and serene palette of this house sought to balance the vitality of the owners’ art collection. Located in the residential neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, the design of the architecture by the studio has also dictated the spirit of the interior: a project based on spatial quality and a deep sense of order.

Design : Francesc Rifé Studio
Photography: David Zarzoso