AG公寓是在办公室的一位亲爱的朋友和伙伴Marina Zuquim的邀请下产生的,以共同创作的方式开发一个完整的项目。

The AG apartment came about after an invitation from a dear friend and partner of the office, Marina Zuquim, to develop a complete project together.


An apartment that breathed Brasília and architecture in its totality, that was spacious, that showed all its elements and, most of all, that had a lot of personality. The apartment itself was already unique and was chosen with great care by the owner. Large windows, an external vegetation that invades the apartment forming an interesting game of light and shadow, brutalist references from his childhood in São Paulo, and an interest for Brazilian furniture. With a very special story and all the creative freedom entrusted to us by the client, we gave the first traces.


The apartment originally had 3 bedrooms and only 1 suite. We opted to expand the living room by incorporating one of the bedrooms and making it possible to revert the social bathroom into a 2-suite program, and with this, the need to create a toilet was born.

在厨房里,我们打开了被半边墙遮住的cobogós,旋转了循环轴,让更多的通风和自然光进入,并与餐厅融为一体。 对于主人套房,我们将杂物间改造成了衣柜,为空间带来了更大的空间,对于第二套房,我们做了一个更衣室,可以作为办公室、电视室或客房使用。

In the kitchen, we opened the cobogós that were hidden by a half wall and rotated the circulation axis, allowing more ventilation and natural light to enter and to integrate with the dining room. For the master suite, we transformed the utility room into a closet, bringing more amplitude to the space, and with the second suite, we made a dressing room that can be used as an office, a TV room, or a guest room.


With the floor plan solved, we started thinking about the tiles we would use and obviously they would be as natural as possible. The original wooden parquet floor of the 1970’s apartment was revitalized, beams and pillars were exposed, we added the L-shaped panel made of natural sheet metal to hide the access to the bedroom areas and allow the integration of the kitchen and we left the walls in their plaster textures painted only white.


For the wet areas, we chose a neutral porcelain tile, brushed granite countertops and freijó cabinets. In the bathroom we opted for the yellow hydraulic tile, which provided all the necessary warmth. For the lighting design, also done by us, we opted for giving preference to indirect lighting with specific focuses that complemented the abundant natural lighting.


We finished the project with hand-picked furniture, arranged without exaggeration in order to highlight even more the architecture and the selected pieces themselves.

Architects: Maria Araujo Arquitetura e Design
Area : 110 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Júlia Tótoli
Manufacturers : Arquivo Contemporâneo, Carminati, Docol, Gorenje, Ladrilharia, Portinari, Tozetti
Responsible Architects : Maria Araujo, Marina Zuquim
Trainee : Marina Nunes
City : Brasília
Country : Brasil