Ahad Ha’am塔楼,以色列,Bar Orian Architects + Schwartz Besnosoff Architects

Bar Orian建筑事务所是一家位于以色列的国际领先建筑公司,由Tal和Gidi Bar Orian于1990年成立,正式公布了其最新项目–Ahad Ha’am大厦–一座24层的现代摩天大楼,包括170个住宅单元、商业空间、艺术家工作室、图书馆和高科技孵化器,位于以色列第三大城市海法的一个新兴社区。Ahad Ha’am大厦是由Bar Orian建筑事务所和位于海法的Schwartz Besnosoff建筑事务所共同合作完成的。

Bar Orian Architects, a leading international architecture firm based in Israel and established by Tal and Gidi Bar Orian in 1990, officially reveals its latest project – Ahad Ha’am Tower – a 24-floor modern skyscraper consisting of 170 residential units, commercial spaces, artist studios, a library and high-tech incubator located within a burgeoning neighborhood in Haifa, Israel’s third largest city. Ahad Ha’am Tower is a joint collaboration between Bar Orian Architects and Haifa-based firm Schwartz Besnosoff Architects.

Ahad Ha’am大厦位于海法的Hadar社区,该社区多年来一直是这个沿海港口城市的社会经济和文化中心。该街区的设计是由著名建筑师理查德-考夫曼在20世纪30年代首次起草的,他被广泛认为是以色列历史上最具影响力的建筑师之一。考夫曼受英国城市规划师埃比尼泽-霍华德爵士的影响很大,他根据 “花园城市 “的原则设计了哈达社区。Ahad Ha’am大厦通过推动旨在处理密集型城市化和密集化进程的城市概念,重新创造了海法的建筑遗产。

Ahad Ha’am Tower is located in Haifa’s Hadar neighborhood, which for years served as the socio-economic and cultural center of the coastal port city. The neighborhood’s design was first drafted in the 1930’s by renowned architect Richard Kaufman, widely considered one of the most influential architects in the history of Israel. Kaufman, who was greatly influenced by Sir Ebenezer Howard, an English urban planner, designed the Hadar neighborhood according to the principles of the “Garden City.” Ahad Ha’am Tower reinvents Haifa’s architectural legacy by propelling an urban concept aimed at dealing with intensive urbanization and densification processes.

Ahad Ha’am大厦以三个不同的典型楼层为基础,创造了一个垂直的社区,并与Hadar社区的现有原则相呼应。水平的线条、三维的外墙、遮阳的露台以及功能性和清洁的材料体现了该塔的建筑价值。这些特点在项目的周围环境中也存在,该环境主要由国际建筑风格的建筑组成。

Ahad Ha’am Tower is based upon three different typical floors that create a vertical neighborhood of sorts and speaks to the existing principles in the Hadar neighborhood. Horizontal lines, three-dimensional facades, shaded sun terraces and functional and clean materials exemplify the architectural values in the tower. These characteristics are present in the project’s surrounding environment, which is composed primarily of International architectural-style buildings.

Ahad Ha’am塔的三维外墙为项目中的每套公寓彰显了独特的身份。Ahad Ha’am大厦的主要目标是创造一个当地文化的缩影,通过将底层的商业楼层与一系列的艺术家工作室相结合,提炼出整个社区的原则–这是社区振兴的重要组成部分。在摩天大楼旁边,Birkenheim House,一座19世纪的圣殿骑士建筑,已经被修复,作为一个商业区,结合了艺术家工作室和咖啡馆。该建筑是与各种工匠一起修复的,同时注意到原始建筑中的木材、铁和石头的细节,所有这些都是在以色列保护和保存协会的严格监督下进行的。

Ahad Ha’am Tower’s three-dimensional facades manifest a unique identity to each of the apartments in the project. The primary goal of Ahad Ha’am Tower was to create a microcosm of local culture that distills the principles of the entire neighborhood by combining a commercial floor on the ground level with an array of artist workshops – an important part of the neighborhood’s revitalization. Alongside the skyscraper, the Birkenheim House, a 19th-century Templar building, has been restored to serve as a commercial area that combines artist studios and a café. The building was restored together with various craftsmen while paying attention to the details of the wood, iron and stone that characterized the original building, all the while under the strict supervision of the Israeli Society for the Conservation and Preservation.

Ahad Ha’am塔的材料是由裸露的混凝土铸件组成的,它与附近许多保护建筑的建筑语言形成了一种完整和一致的美学。Ahad Ha’am塔无缝地融入到现有的城市结构中,并尊重海法的原始美学,以20世纪30年代的包豪斯建筑风格和修复的世纪圣殿建筑为基础,同时为周围的城市景观创造了新的维度。

The materiality of Ahad Ha’am Tower is composed of exposed concrete castings that create a complete and coherent aesthetic with the architectural language of the many preservation buildings in the neighborhood. The Ahad Ha’am Tower seamlessly integrates into the existing urban fabric and pays respect to the original aesthetic of Haifa, based upon the Bauhaus architectural style of the 1930’s and restored century Templar buildings, while creating a new dimension of the surrounding cityscape.

Ahad Ha’am大厦24层的170个住宅空间,都有地中海和迦密山的标志性全景。Ahad Ha’am大厦目前居住着来自不同民族背景的学者、高科技企业家、设计师和艺术家,它象征着整个社区进入了一个新的时代,使该社区成为海法的一个重要城市中心。

Ahad Ha’am Tower’s 170 residential spaces over 24-floors all come replete with iconic panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Carmel. Ahad Ha’am Tower, which is currently populated by a diverse population consisting of academics, high-tech entrepreneurs, designers and artists from diverse ethnic backgrounds, symbolizes a new era for the entire neighborhood towards the modernization of the neighborhood as a significant urban center in Haifa.

Architects: Bar Orian Architects, Schwartz Besnosoff Architects
Area : 16000 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Amit Geron
Civil Engineering : Karben and CO.
Landscape : Bo Landscape
Head Designers : Gidi Bar Orian, Gaby Schwartz
Planning Team At Bar Orian : Yoni Havaletzki, Simon Girshovich, Merav Gelbart, Omri Rimon, Tovi Gal
Planning Team At Schwartz Besnosoff : Omri Schwartz, Ken Natan, Amin Yasin
Head Contractor : Denya Sibos
Aluminum Consultant : AMG Design Consultancy project management
Management : A. Epstein
Roads And Infrastructure Engineering : Guy Druckman
Client : Shagrawi Leibowitz and Ronen & Yossef Sionov
City : Haifa
Country : Israel