Air Lids是nendo和Daikin合作创作的极简主义厨具系列。Daikin生产的含氟弹性体与其品牌下空调系统中使用的原材料相同。含氟弹性体是一种高性能橡胶,通常用于汽车工业。该材料具有出色的耐热,耐油和耐酸性,并且能够长时间防止颜色和形状的变化。这种氟弹性体有助于为人们提供比普通的硅橡胶具有更柔滑的触感。为了最好地表达材料的特性和性能,nendo设计了各种功能性厨具盖,每个盖都展示了不同的可能性。

AirLids is a minimalist kitchenware collection created in collaboration between nendo and Daikin. Daikin produces fluoroelastomer which is made from the same raw material that makes substances used in its air conditioning systems. Fluoroelastomer is a high- performance rubber which is commonly used in the automotive industry. This material has outstanding heat, oil and acid resistance and excels in preventing changes in color and shape over a long period of time. This fluoroelastoemer, which is made from the same raw materials that assist in supplying pleasant air to people, has a silkier touch than regular silicone rubber, mimicking the same “airy” quality as if directly touching something materialized from the air itself, which normally cannot be touched. In order to best express the material’s characteristics and properties, a variety of functional kitchenware lids were designed each showcasing different possibilities.

Design: Nendo
Collaborator : myt, nis
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida