这是大冢为Edition Blue设计的家具系列,利用了日本唯一的专业弯木家具制造商秋木(Akimoku)的独特技术和技能。
我们为Akimoku Windsor椅子的靠背顶部涂上了720mm以上的各种颜色,这个高度相当于餐桌的高度。这保留了椅子简单、自然的外观,但当椅子被拉到一起放在桌子上时,会带来意想不到的视觉愉悦。我们还更换了沙发靠垫的布料,让它们可以翻转。

A furniture collection designed for Edition Blue by Otsuka that takes advantage of the unique techniques and skills of Akimoku (Akita Mokko), Japan’s only specialist bentwood furniture maker.
We selected a number of pieces from the firm’s 102-year archive, then modified them to emphasise the charm of the bentwood details, simplify parts to reduce costs and add new functionality. Our process of reforming and updating aimed to bring out the distinctive nature of the existing designs, while keeping down costs such as new metal molds and fixtures. So we turned the legs of a stool upside down and used them as the legs for a low table, and reused the legs of a dining table as the legs for a workbench-style table.
We painted the top of the backrest for the Akimoku Windsor chair in a variety of colours from the 720mm mark upwards, the height of a dining table. This retains the simple, natural finish of the chairs, but provides an unexpected visual delight when the chairs are pulled together at the table. We also changed the fabric for sofa cushions and made them reversible.

Design: Nendo
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida


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