The Alangasí House is conceived as a refuge in the countryside for a client who plans to leave his urban habitat gradually. Located in a peripheral area of Quito, this 110m2 house articulates load-bearing brick walls, which support the wooden roof structure with tile cladding. A house with load-bearing brick walls was resolved because the client required certain security and protection provided by the architecture. The house is implanted on top of a small hill so it is exposed to the view and the winds of the area. Thus, the wall mass with openings or bounded openings protects the interiors from the harsh climate and from prying eyes.

砖的物质性覆盖了房子的内部。但同时,它们在接受屋顶时也会折叠,使建筑对地理环境的影响降到最低。现有的地理环境也是折叠的,因为安第斯山脉是一个年轻的形成,处于孕育期,充满生命力。因此,尽管一开始,客户希望有一个传统的房子,有砖和瓦等元素,但提案是通过把景观的 “褶皱 “作为主要参考之一来阐述的。一个用木头和玻璃制作的外部小凉棚,延续了房屋屋顶的褶皱,并吸引了外部的休息。客户后来把这个区域作为一个有许多植物的区域,以及一个供家庭使用的小苗圃。因此,房子的这一部分成为一个花园/房子的混合体。

The materiality of the brick covers the interiors of the house. But at the same time, they fold when receiving the roof, minimizing the impact of the architecture on the geography. Existing geography also folds, since the Andean mountain range is a young formation, in gestation, and full of life. Thus, although at first, the client wanted a traditional house with elements such as brick and tile, the proposal is articulated by taking the ‘folds’ of the landscape as one of the primary references. A small exterior pergola worked in wood and glass, continues the folds of the roofs of the house and invites outside rest. The client later intervened in this area as an area with many plants, and a small nursery for domestic use. Thus, this part of the house becomes a garden/house hybrid.


Simple finishes finish dressing the house: smooth cement floor, kitchen and bathroom furniture that takes advantage of the remaining material of the roof structure help to achieve warm interiors at a very low budget.

Architects: Emilio López Arquitecto
Area : 110 m²
Year : 2019
Photographs :Andres.V
Lead Architect : Emilio López Herrera
City : Alangasi
Country : Ecuador