Aluminium Lounge休息椅,美国纽约,Leon Ransmeier

Aluminium Lounge是由纽约设计师Leon Ransmeier设计的简约休息椅。专为BLOW-UP而设计,由Felix Burrichter在Friedman Benda画廊策划的展览,将一个想象中的玩具屋扩大到成人的大小。Two Step Lounge是在用铝板制造微型1:6型号的过程中开发的。通过纵向滚动矩形6mm铝板然后垂直于轴弯曲,最终设计仅在两个步骤中实现了令人惊讶的复杂形状。

Aluminum Lounge is a minimalist lounge created by New York-based designer Leon Ransmeier. Designed for BLOW-UP, an exhibition curated by Felix Burrichter at Friedman Benda gallery that enlarged an imaginary dollhouse to adult human size. The Two Step Lounge developed out of a process of building miniature 1:6 models from aluminum sheet. By rolling a rectangular 6mm aluminum sheet lengthwise and then bending it perpendicular to the axis, the final design achieves a surprisingly complex form in only two steps.

Design: Leon Ransmeier