Âmago 之家,日本,Bruno Dias Arquitectura

在安西奥村的历史中心,在一块略微倾斜的土地上,出现了Casa Âmago。该地块上有两座小房子,都是废墟,没有建筑上的兴趣,因此,翻新它们并不是一个选择。然而,如果规划一个与邻近建筑没有任何联系的现代房屋,就会与周围环境不协调。因此,这所房子的第一眼并没有透露出墙和门外的内容。 一层楼的建筑,有一个大的中央天井,主题从这个核心展开到所有其他空间和组织。”Âmago “的意思是骨髓、中心、核心和焦点,而这个中央天井作为房子的主要点发挥作用。

In the historic center of the village of Ansião, on a slightly sloped land, Casa Âmago emerges. The plot had two small houses in ruins, with no architectural interest, and as such, renovating them was not an option. However, it wouldn’t be in harmony with the surroundings to plan a contemporary house with no connection to the neighboring buildings. Thus, the first glimpse of this house does not give away what is beyond the wall and gate. A one-floor building, with a large central patio, the core from which the theme unfolds into all the other spaces and organization. “Âmago” means marrow, center, core, and focal point, and this central patio works as the main point of the house.


The main entrance is located on the east, whether reached on foot or by car, the main hall takes you directly to the social area, living room, kitchen, and barbecue area. Along this axis, you can find the technical and service room areas, such as the gym, study, launderette, service toilet room, and utility room. All these spaces lead to a patio on the northern side, allowing natural light and ventilation. The social area, set on the west side and onto a garden, brings in a natural afternoon and early evening light, the time when people most enjoy the space. The barbecue area is an essential space in this house, as it provides privileged social interaction with friends.


In the living room, you will find a piece of furniture that was specifically designed for this space, which hides the private quarters, thus ensuring privacy for users. Two of the bedrooms and the suite are turned west onto the garden. The third bedroom, the shared bathroom, and the private bathroom are turned east towards the central patio. Both bathroom facilities of the private quarters have a patio, which allows for natural light and more pleasant space.

房屋采用正交布局,这与钢筋混凝土的有机屋顶板形成鲜明对比,并有圆形天井。在 “Casa Âmago “的大部分空间中,木材的存在给他们带来了独特和个人的感觉,流向核心区域–中央天井。

The house is organized in an orthogonal layout, which contrasts with the organic roof slabs in reinforced concrete, with circular patios. The presence of wood in most of the spaces of “Casa Âmago”, gives a unique and personal touch to them, flowing into the core area – the central patio.

Architects: Bruno Dias Arquitectura
Area : 765 m²
Year : 2022
Manufacturers : Jolusilva, Paumarc
Clients : Bruno Dias e Fernanda Santos
Project Team : Bruno Lucas Dias, Tânia Matias, Cristiana Henriques
Construction : Montoconfra
Installations : Canalizações Alvorgense
Woodwork : MCJADuarte
Cladding : Carlos Silva e Miguel Ferreira
Country : Portugal