Androgyne桌,丹麦哥本哈根,Danielle Siggerud

Androgyne是由哥本哈根的挪威建筑师兼设计师Danielle Siggerud为MENU设计的躺椅。Androgyne休闲桌以男性比例和女性材料的二分法命名,其独特的和谐感与由unis角砾石制成的简单轮廓相得益彰。unis角砾岩以温暖的色调脉络和独特的矿物碎片混合为特征,创造出微妙的质感并表现出永恒的感觉。Androgyne的多功能设计可以用作装饰桌子的躺椅或长凳,非常适合日常使用。

Androgyne is a lounge table designed by Copenhagen-based Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud for MENU. Named after the dichotomy of masculine proportions and feminine materials— the Androgyne Lounge Table imbues a powerful sense of harmony with a simple silhouette crafted from kunis breccia stone. Characterized by warm toned veins and a unique blend of mineral fragments, the kunis breccia stone creates subtle texture and expresses a sense of timelessness. The versatile design of Androgyne allows for use as both a lounge table or a bench for decorative displays, perfect for everyday settings.

Design: Danielle Sigrid
Photography: Danielle Siggerud


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