Apartment A住宅,比利时安特卫普,DIALECT

Apartment A是比利时DIALECT设计的位于比利时安特卫普的极简内饰。当客户对之前的装修不满意时,公寓进行了干预。最初的想法是使用聚氨酯泡沫的颜色,但后来被薄荷绿取代。乔纳斯·范·普特(Jonas Van Put)的一个大型圆形沙发床位于带基座的错层空间上方。

Apartment A is a minimal interior located in Antwerp, Belgium, designed by DIALECT. The apartment was intervened when the client was dissatisfied with the previous renovation. The original idea was to use the color of polyurethane foam, but was later replaced with a mint green. A large circular daybed by Jonas Van Put sits atop a pedestaled split-level space.

Photography:Piet Albert Goethals