S公寓,法国巴黎,Heros Architecture

S公寓是由Heros Architecture设计的位于法国巴黎的简约公寓。 由于其冗长的形态和所要求的程序,因此决定对现有空间进行空白处理,以获取不包含任何多余元素的中立基础。 最初用来分隔空间的隔板已被砍掉,旧地毯换成了白色树脂地板。 确实,公寓的反应就像一个大的反射镜,并允许最大的光输入。 因此,完全用白色覆盖的空间(如空白画布)突出了其内容。

Apartment S is a minimalist apartment located in Paris, France, designed by Heros Architecture. Due to its lengthy morphology and the requested program, it was decided to make a blank slate of the existing space in order to obtain a neutral basis that excludes any superfluous elements. The partitions that initially divided the space have been cut down and the old carpet replaced by a white resin flooring. Indeed, the apartment reacts like a big reflector and allows a maximum light input. Thus, the container completely covered in white, like a blank canvas, highlights its content.

Design:Heros Architecture
Photography:Schnepp Renou