Apartamento Ygara是位于巴西圣保罗的一个极简主义公寓,由Estudio BRA设计。在与未来居民的第一次对话后,我们决定通过使用较少的材料面板来实现环境的整合,家具将尽可能穿过多个房间。在公共区域,木材挂在墙上,这样客人和房主可以在休息和吃饭的时候触摸和观察它。在私密区域,木地板加强了赤脚行走的舒适感。较少的材料模糊了厕所,衣柜,卧室的门或书柜的边界,因为他们都是组织中的一个小组,由相同的木材和设计最大限度地减少可能的碰撞,处理或任何物品,将有机流动的线贯穿整个空间。

Apartamento Ygará is a minimalist apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Estúdio BRA. After the first conversation with the future resident, it was decided that the integration of the environments would be achieved through the use of a small material palette and that the furniture would, whenever possible, pass through more than one room. In the common areas, wood goes on the walls so that visitors and residents can touch it and observe it during moments of relaxation and meals. In the intimate areas the wood is on the floor reinforcing the comfort of walking barefoot. The small palette of materials made it unclear, for example, where the toilet, wardrobe, bedroom doors or the bookcase are, since they were all organized in a panel made with the same wood and with a design that minimizes possible bumps, handles or any item that could break the organic flow of the line that runs through the entire plant.

Photography:Maura Mello