Dartmouth Park House,英国伦敦,Architectural for London

达特茅斯公园别墅(Dartmouth Park House)是位于英国伦敦的极简主义建筑,由伦敦建筑事务所(Architectural for London)设计。达特茅斯公园(Dartmouth Park)的这栋房屋扩展设计旨在更好地与大花园相连。新的餐厅配有橡木框架的推拉门,可通往风景优美的露台,而单独的玻璃晚间则可欣赏花园美景。在这两个空间之间,创建了一个有遮盖的室外厨房。
可持续性改进包括整个更换双层玻璃窗和超高性能真空隔热材料(Kingspan Optim-R),以提高保温性。后扩展件上的新玻璃具有防日晒涂层,U值为1 W /m²K。扩建部分中的结构梁采用GGBS混凝土,以减少水泥含量。整个过程中都指定了地板采暖,节能电器和低能耗LED照明。

Dartmouth Park House is a minimalist extension located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Architecture for London. This house extension in Dartmouth Park is designed to better connect the property to a large garden. A new dining room with oak framed sliding doors leads to a landscaped terrace, and a separate glazed evening room allows uninterrupted garden views. Between these two spaces a sheltered outdoor kitchen is created.
Concrete beams at roof level create a horizontal datum across the spaces. This begins internally and continues outside to shelter the barbecue area, finally returning to the ground to form a new pergola against the garden wall. When viewed from the garden, this continuous horizontal line creates the impression of a unified, wide extension that emphasizes the generous 17m garden width.
Sustainability improvements include replacement double-glazed sash windows throughout and ultra high performance vacuum insulation (Kingspan Optim-R) to improve heat retention. New glass to the rear extension has a solar control coating and a U-value of 1 W/m²K. The structural beams in the extension are concrete with GGBS to reduce cement content. Underfloor heating, energy efficient appliances and low energy LED lighting were specified throughout.

Design: Architectural for London
Photography: Architectural for London