Armchair 是巴黎工作室HAOS设计的简约扶手椅。该工作室致力于创造既现代又永恒的禁欲主义物品。在法国大师级工匠的支持下,它借鉴了传统材料和精湛技艺,设计出具有精致和简约线条的雕塑形状。从最初的草图到材料采购,Sophie和Cedric负责整个创作过程的各个阶段,以确保每一件作品都能真实地实现其原始意图,而不会影响生产过程。扶手椅由实心橡木制成,有亚麻色或天鹅绒色可供选择。

Armchair is a minimalist armchair designed by Paris-based studio HAOS. The studio strives to create ascetic objects that feel both contemporary and timeless. With the support of French master craftsmen, it draws on traditional materials and savoir-faire to design sculptural shapes with refined and minimalist lines. Sophie and Cedric oversee each stage of the creation process, from the first sketches to the material sourcing, ensuring that each piece comes to life true to the original intent, with no compromise in the production process. The armchair is constructed of solid oak, and is available in either linen or velvet.