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Yeon-Nam-district which the site is located have been residential neighborhoods for long time. but these days the waves of development begin to swirl around this town.


The site is located on the dividing line between commercial area and residential area.
the site has been undeveloped condition for long time because of distinctive land shape. Different from surrounding site, the site has triangular shape.


is a publisher suggesting various life style for ordinary days. And they wanted to permeate into ordinary lives. That is why they chose this site with distinctive shape.


Green wall
The railway passthrough the town on 15meter height from the ground. To block the train noise, A long wall have been built along the railway. Under the railway, the vertical green wall is constructed. So, the north side of the site is recognized as only huge green wall. Only we can recognize the existence of the railway by the train noise comes occasionally.


In north side of the site which is facing that green wall, there were a persimmon tree and a plane wooden bench so there used to be a resting place for surrounding inhabitant. Despite the tree and bench are displaced, we tried to maintain warm memories of the place.


We considered surrounding inhabitant by give some part of site to public as a path, as gathering place.
Triangular shape
The building is made up with 3 faces. Lightless Northside is facing noisy railway. We defined this side of site as unpleasant condition. While there is rich sunlight in south side. We made many openings and resting decks as possible on southside of the building instead of close all the plane of north side of the building. Also, the sunken planned in south side of building what allows the sun light into the deepest basement of the building.

该建筑有三个项目–商业、办公、住宅。- 该建筑由三个体量组成。每个体量都包含不同的项目。这就是我们的意图,通过将项目等同于结构来揭示建筑的功能。

Three volumes
There are three programs in this building- commercial, office, residence. – and the building consists of three volumes. Each volume contains each different program. This is our intention to expose the function of the building by equating the program to the structure.


Between space
We intended people to concentrate on between spaces of the buildings, not only the special figure of the building. Wishing our intention to be understood effectively, we made much of directness of shape in designing facade. we chose the materials in the same vein. So, we could finally meet light shape of the building. It looks like folded paper now.


Stair way.
The stairway goes by the circumference of the building. passing every face of the building the stairway leads people to the top floor. Under side of every stairway planned as separated storage to maximize the efficiency of space.

Architects: FHHH friends
Area: 99 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Kim Yong Kwan
Structure: RC
Construction: Jarchiv
Furniture:studio COM
Client:Around Magazine
Team:Yoon Hanjin, Han Seung Jae, Han Yang Kyu
Country:South Korea


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