Aureole是由来自柏林的设计师Daniel Becker设计的一款极简灯。Aureole是一款通用灯,它将吸顶泛光灯和阅读灯结合在一起,形成了全新的类型。灯罩的形状是专门为LED产生的定向光而设计的。通过沿导线垂直移动灯罩,灯光氛围可以发生巨大变化,完全反射到天花板或地板上。然而,该系统的独特之处在于移动灯罩时的间歇性。光束从顶部到底部的过渡平滑地发生,使空间充满了神奇的光芒,其移动方式类似于云层覆盖满月或落日所产生的自然现象。

Aureole is a minimal lamp created by Berlin-based designer Daniel Becker. Aureole is a universal lamp which combines a ceiling floodlight and a reading lamp to an entirely new typology. The shape of the shade has been designed specifically for the directional light created by LEDs. By moving the shade vertically along the wire, the light atmosphere can be varied dramatically, reflecting entirely to the ceiling or to the floor. The unique beauty in this system appears however in the interstages while moving the shade. The transition of the light beam from the top to the bottom happens smoothly and fills a space with a magic glow, moving in a way that resembles natural phenomena generated by clouds which cover a full moon or the setting sun.

设计师:Daniel Becker
城市: 柏林
Designer: Daniel Becker
City: Berlin
Country: Germany