Baan Nakhonnayok 河畔住宅 ,泰国, Sata Na Architect

度假屋是一个完美的放松场所,是家庭在假期中的归宿,也是退休后的生活场所。出于这个原因,基于对周围环境的理解而进行的设计,对于提高这个地方令人难以置信的休养是很重要的。这个房子位于那空纳约河边,关于这个地方出现了很多问题,比如 “如何把河景放到这个房子的每个房间,如何提高住在这个房子里的家庭成员的享受?”

A vacation home is a perfect place for relaxing that the family belongs to during the holiday or a place to live in retired life. For this reason, the design based on an understanding of the surrounding environment is important to enhance an incredible retreat for this place. This house is located along Nakhon Nayok River and many questions arise about this place like “How to put the river view into every room in this house and how to enhance the enjoyment of family members who live in this house?”

当我们开始设计时,我们选择将建筑定位在最高的区域,以确保每个人都能从所有房间体验到河景。我们还保留了相同的树木,以增强这所房子的阴凉和阴影。对于这个房子,我们打算采用 “阻挡河景 “作为主要设计工具。我们期望的体验是,当一个人进入房子时,墙壁被遮挡住了河景,以克服到达时被遮挡的感觉,隐藏起来,从喧嚣中逃脱出来,成为一个完美的放松场所。当通过有盖的墙打开门时,我们会清楚地看到河流。每个房间和生活区的设计都有构图,可以完美地看到河景。

When we started the design, we selected to position the building in the highest area to ensure that everyone could experience the river view from all rooms. We also kept the same trees to enhance shade and shadow for this house. For this house, we had the intention to adopt “Blocking the river view” as the main design tool. What experience we expected is that when a person enters the house, the wall is covered river view to overcoming the feeling of arrival to be blocked, hidden, and escape from hustle into a perfect place for relaxation. When opening the door through the covered wall, we will clearly see the river. Every room and living area were designed with compositions to see the river view perfectly.


The riverfront area on the west is the most incredible area where the afternoon light is out, it was then archived eave design to be extended. The lower terrace at the riverfront is the most used area and is placed on the ground floor as a space under the house that is ready to be used while preventing sunlight in the living room.


Another design aspect we were concerned about was difficult accessibility, especially when we select materials. Such an area is located on a narrow and curved alley, affecting difficult material transportation. We, therefore, aimed to select small-size materials that are easy to transport as our key design factor.

Baan Nakhonnayok Riverside是一个强调逃离喧嚣的地方,它的建筑规定了人们的行为,提高了人们的观点和生活,旨在生活在放松的周围。

Baan Nakhonnayok Riverside is a place with a design emphasizing escape from the hustle with architecture that prescribes behavior and enhances the point of view and livelihood of people who aimed to live in the surrounding of relaxation.

Architects: Sata Na Architect
Area : 446 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Rungkit Charoenwat
Manufacturers : Blule Line, EDL, Maxis Wood, TOA
Lead Architect : Chalermchai Asayote
Interior & Landscape Design : Sata Na Architect
City : Nakhon Nayok
Country : Thailand