Backyard位于东京池袋和涩谷的Seibu Sogo百货商店,以及横滨崇光百货商店。BACKYARD既指商店的存储空间,也指装货码头和儿童小天堂,免费游玩的户外空间。我们希望结合商业后院的新颖性,其中新产品直接从车间到达。

located in the Seibu Sogo department stores in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro and Shibuya, and in the Yokohama Sogo department store. BACKYARD refers both to a shop’s storage space or loading dock and a tiny paradise for children, an outdoor space for free play. We wanted to combine the novelty of the commercial back yard, in which new products arrive straight from the workshop, with the excitement of playing in the back yard at home.

Design: Nendo
Photographer : Masaya Yoshimura


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