Baixa Verde 农场,巴西, Módulo 4 Arquitetura

位于Aliança-PE市的Baixa Verde农场,其总部的设计来自于对地形的分析,在那里它被确定为一个引人注目的视觉,一个美丽的乡村景观,视野无阻。从这种解读中,出现了一个长线体量的形象,一栋房子靠在景观上,具有流动的空间分辨率和连接的环境,特别是与自然的连接。

The Baixa Verde Farm, located in the municipality of Aliança-PE, had its headquarters designed from the analysis of the terrain where it was identified a striking visual, a beautiful countryside landscape with unobstructed views. From this reading, the image of a longilinear volume emerged, a house leaning over the landscape with a fluid spatial resolution and connected environments, especially with nature.


Rustic and characteristic elements of the region were valued in the composition of the environments: the ceramic roof is supported on jatobá wood, the yam stone richly coats walls and walls, and the massive manual bricks were organized in a manner reminiscent of a cobogó.


The entrance terrace leads directly to the integrated living and dining room, which opens onto a continuous balcony with gourmet space oriented for the best view. The kitchen is positioned in the middle of the volume, dividing the social and intimate areas – a strategic way of connecting and distributing the spaces. The four bedrooms of the house are nascent and privileged with a generous terrace shaded by wide eaves.


The interior design has a warm and contemporary atmosphere, highlighting the collection of popular art with pieces collected in workshops and ateliers in the region. The architecture of the house has striking proportions and elements, and the interior production should not compete with it. We adopted the shared protagonism between these elements and made a fine blend between contemporary design, rustic elements and collection with affective memory, leaving the decoration with a unique atmosphere.


The luminotechnical project has museographic characteristics, and can be adjusted to privilege the works of art that are in constant change. Thus we obtained a result full of personality and essence, which refers to the history of the family and the region where the project is inserted.

Architects: Module 4 Architecture
Area : 420 m²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Walter Dias
Fabricators : Artepedras, Craftsman Abias, Craftsman Jair Monteiro, Craftsman Val Andrade, Craftsman Valmir Ilha do Ferro, Craftsmen Tambinha and Manuel, Camicado, Carpedras, Daccapo Planejados, Deca, Decortilles, Docol, Eliane Revestimentos, Espaço Brennand, ITA Studio, FJS Serralheria, Finger Móveis Planejados, Finni Interiores, GT Metálica Esquadrias, Inspire Home
Responsible Architects : Isabella Alves, Nathalia Araújo e Zé Alexandre
Client : Baixa Verde Farm
Collaborators: André Callou and Itamar Siqueira
Engineering : Protenco Engenharia e Impacto Protensão
Landscaping : Bruno Camara – Tok Verde Paisagismo
Country : Brazil