Atelier Nomadic,Nomadic Resorts的设计工作室,在Playa Viva设计了一系列的竹子树屋,这是一个具有环保意识的度假村,致力于可持续发展和再生实践。积极的影响是Playa Viva体验不可分割的一部分,它是完全离网运行的,100%的能源来自太阳能发电。度假村与当地社区广泛合作,支持健康和教育,并常年致力于恢复和振兴周围的土地。该度假村是再生旅游组织的创始成员,并创建和支持La Tortuga Viva海龟保护区。

Atelier Nomadic, the design studio at Nomadic Resorts, has designed a series of bamboo treehouses at Playa Viva, an environmentally conscious resort dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices. The positive impact is integral to the Playa Viva experience, which is run entirely off-grid and generates 100% of its energy from solar power. The resort works extensively with the local community to support health and education and works year-round to restore and revitalize the surrounding land. The resort is the founding member of the Regenerative Travel organization and founded and supports the La Tortuga Viva turtle sanctuary.


The resort’s latest extension includes 6 bamboo treehouses inspired by the flattened, prismatic bodies of the Mobula Rays that migrate past the property’s shore. Scattered along the Mexican coastline, the treehouses are perched on coconut palms overlooking the surf. Each treehouse is composed of a master bedroom at the front and an annex treehouse at the rear that contains the bathroom downstairs and a second bedroom/lounge upstairs.


The treehouses are developed using bioclimatic design principles to suit the natural environment: the large eaves of the roof act like a big umbrella, providing shade for the strong heat of the sun and protection from heavy rains. The façade louvers allow for natural cross ventilation.

这些结构主要由当地的竹子建造,竹子是世界上增长最快的可再生建筑材料之一,并展示了这种多功能材料的广泛使用。强壮的Guadua竹竿被用于主体结构和屋顶结构,断面条被用于外墙百叶,扁平的竹板构成了天花板。Phyllostachys Aurea竹竿和木钉被用于附属建筑的墙和立面板。地板是由可持续生长的当地Cumaru木材制成。

The structures are mostly built from local bamboo, one of the fastest-growing renewable building materials in the world, and showcase the wide variety in which this versatile material can be used. Strong Guadua bamboo poles were used for the main structure and roof structure, section strips were used in the façade louvers, and flattened bamboo panels form the ceiling. Phyllostachys Aurea bamboo poles and dowels were used for the wall and façade panels in the annex building. Flooring is made of sustainably grown local Cumaru timber.


The holistic design was intended to align with the expected post-COVID travelers’ desire to stay in exciting, healthy accommodation, immersed in the natural environment. After months of isolation and lockdowns, here, guests can be submerged and re-connect with the natural environment: listen to the sound of the waves, bath in the warm sunset tones, feel the breeze sway through the palm leaves, and taste the salt air, unmasked, as they lounge on the hammock suspended over the beach, staring at the stars.

Architects : Atelier Nomadic
Area : 448 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Kevin Steele, AVABLU, Playa Viva
Manufacturers : AutoDesk, Lumion, Rhinoceros
Lead Architect : Olav Bruin
Architect : Luca Fiammetta
Architect : Maddalena Losindaco
City : El Calvario
Country : Mexico