BEE DUCK餐厅,中国台湾,HAO Design

BEE DUCK接管台湾高雄市的一栋传统排屋,是一家新餐厅,通过蒸汽朋克美学异想天开地唤起了维多利亚时代的工业面。当地的室内设计工作室HAO Design利用了建筑的特质-狭窄,细长的平面图,钢框架结构和多个夹层-创造了一个令人着迷的探索空间。回收的铸铁零件和经过重新利用的工业设备,与时期的家具以及一系列以拟人化的鸭子为特色的古典肖像集完美地结合在一起,营造出一种复古的梦幻般的氛围,使顾客感到惊奇和喜悦。

Taking over a traditional terrace house in in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, BEE DUCK is a new restaurant that whimsically conjures the industrial side of the Victorian era through a steampunk aesthetic. Local interior design studio HAO Design has taken advantage of the building’s idiosyncrasies – a narrow, elongated floor plan, steel frame construction and multiple mezzanine levels – creating an intriguing sequence of spaces that begs to be explored. Salvaged cast iron components and repurposed industrial equipment, eclectically combined with period furnishings and a collection of classical portraits featuring anthropomorphic ducks, conjure a retro-fantastical venue that imbue patrons with wonder and delight.

Design:HAO Design