SoLa Impact的使命是保护、更新和创造高质量的经济适用房,使整个洛杉矶的黑人和布朗族社区重新焕发活力。自2015年以来,SoLa已经收购了1500个单位,目前正在大洛杉矶地区开发、建造和修复另外1300个新单位。SoLa Impact目前在其三个房地产基金中拥有并管理着200多座建筑。

SoLa Impact’s mission to preserve, refresh, and create high-quality affordable housing has revitalized Black and Brown communities throughout Los Angeles. Since 2015, SoLa has acquired 1,500 units and is currently developing, constructing, and rehabbing another 1,300 new units in the greater Los Angeles area. SoLa Impact currently owns and manages 200+ buildings across its three real estate funds.


The company’s primary initiatives—building and maintaining high-quality affordable housing developments—were naturally aligned with the Opportunity Zone legislation when it was created, which provided an avenue for SoLa to develop The Beehive campus. As the nation’s first Opportunity Zone business campus, The Beehive represents the spirit of that legislation. The campus was born from a desire to uplift minority-owned businesses and local entrepreneurs, not uproot them.

这个雕塑作为SoLa Impact的蜂巢园区的焦点物体,将游客聚集在它周围。当站在下面的时候,它将校园里的开放空间的景色框住了。雕塑精巧地停在地面上,上面的外壳则明显厚实。孔径在顶部逐渐增大,减轻了雕塑内部的体验,同时在地面上创造了阴影游戏。

The sculpture functions as the focal object at SoLa Impact’s Beehive campus, gathering visitors around it. While standing underneath, it frames the view toward the open space on campus. The sculpture delicately rests on the ground; the shell is dramatically thicker above. Apertures progressively increase in size towards the top, lightening the experience within the sculpture while creating shadow play on the ground.


The design is the result of a delicate balance of forces within a physics simulation. The arch is created by outwards forces mimicking the voluminous Manilla shape balanced with catenary gravitational forces and planarization forces acting on the individual shapes. The interior shell is self-supporting, while the outer pieces buttress the form and provide rigidity.


Tessellated hexagons form the sculpture, but some shapes have five sides and some seven. Some are askew while others are perfectly symmetrical. A total of 497 unique pieces form the sculpture weighing 3,785 pounds, and each piece is strong enough to hold the other’s weight. The tessellation symbolizes the organizational strength derived from individual, unique elements.

Architects: OCA (Office for Collective Architecture)
Year : 2022
Photographs :Paul Vu
Lead Architects : Kirill Volchinskiy, Necils Lopez
Structural Engineering : Nous Engineering
Landscape Design/Construction Management : Beatriz Salazar, Sergio Gonzalez
Fabrication : Marvin Mancia
Structural Engineers : Matthew Melnyk, Mit Gala
City : Los Angeles
Country : United States