东京郊区的Tamagawa Takashimaya购物中心新开了一家米色时装品牌概念店。该品牌的所有者想要一个多功能的空间,可以容纳多种用途:除了主要的服装零售空间外,还有一个销售家居用品的商店、一个图书借阅的图书馆空间、一个定期活动和艺术展览的画廊空间。我们考虑了为商店的不同元素划分特定区域的分区方法,然后决定将已经很小的空间进一步细分,只会使它变得杂乱。为了避免这种情况,我们选择垂直分层空间。我们在地面上方安装了7.5毫米厚的“横梁”长2.05米,并为书籍创造了一个阁楼般的空间。书尾用磁力固定,防止书从书架上掉下来。挂衣服和包的衣架挂在横梁上,可以自由移动到商店区域内的不同位置。地板上散落着各种未完工的盒子状固定装置。这些可以用作进入图书空间的阶梯,也可以用作展示艺术品和家居饰品的基座。垂直层的使用使我们能够创建一个高度灵活、视觉整洁的空间。

A concept store for fashion brand BEIGE, newly opened in the Tamagawa Takashimaya shopping centre in suburban Tokyo. The brand’s owners wanted a multi-functional space that would accommodate multiple uses: a shop for selling interior goods, a library space for book-lending and a gallery space for regular events and art exhibitions in addition to the main clothing retail space. We considered a zoning approach with specific areas for the shop’s different elements, then decided that subdividing the already small space any further would simply clutter it. To avoid this, we chose to stratify the space vertically instead. We installed a 7.5mm ‘beam’ 2.05m above the floor, and created an attic-like space for books. Bookends held in place magnetically prevent books from falling off the shelves. Hangers for clothing and bags are hung from the beam and can be freely moved to different places within the shop area. A variety of unfinished, box-shaped fixtures dot the floor. These can be used as stepstools to access the book space, or as plinths for exhibiting artworks and home accessories. The use of vertical layers allowed us to create a highly flexile, visually neat space.

Design: Nendo
Photographer : Takumi Ota