Beret 凳,英国伦敦, Samuel Wilkinson

贝雷帽是由伦敦设计师塞缪尔·威尔金森(Samuel Wilkinson)为Crassevig设计的极简凳子。 贝雷帽(Beret)是一种结合了纯净几何形状和舒适感的木凳。 主要思想是设计一种凳子,以最小的纤巧形式提供令人惊讶的舒适度。 这种结合是通过圆形3d层座椅底板的独特形式实现的。 将表格从前面和后面推出,同时在上方保留一个纯2d圆形表格。 贝雷帽的倾斜设计是对用户经常在凳子前边缘上栖息的观察结果的回应,尤其是当与表面结合时,因此摘要的一个关键部分是无论是坐在边缘上还是笔直地坐着,都能提供良好的舒适感。 雕塑形的座板浮在锥形实心木脚上方,并用干净的环形脚杆固定,该脚杆刻在脚上,形成优雅的多功能设计。

Beret is a minimalist stool created by London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson for Crassevig. Beret is a wooden stool that combines pure geometry with comfort. The main idea was to design a stool that has a surprising level of comfort within a slim minimal form. This combination is achieved through the unique form of the round 3d ply seat pan. The form is pushed out at the front and in at the back while retaining a pure 2d circle form above. Beret’s slanted design was a response to observations of how users often perching on the front edge of stools especially when combined with a surface so a key part of the brief was to provide good comfort whether perched on the edge or sat straight up. The sculptural seat pan floats above tapered solidwood legs fixed with a clean ring foot bar that notch’s into the leg to produce an elegant multi-functional design.

Design:Samuel Wilkinson
Photography:Samuel Wilkinson