BES展馆是一个开放社区的服务空间,专注于艺术和文化方面。BES(Bamboo + Earth + Stone)位于Ha Tinh市中心,采用当地材料和传统建筑方法,基于集中用户的理念。

BES pavilion is a service space for an open community, focusing on the aspects of art and culture. Located in the central Ha Tinh city, BES (Bamboo + Earth + Stone) is set up from local materials and traditional building methods which based on the idea of centralizing the users.
The cluster includes a various of separated spaces which were arranged freely around the center courtyard in order to create a numerous of views as well as the interaction of light and shadow. Those will help to erase the bound between inside and outside space.

FIRM: H&P Architects 
TYPE: Cultural › Pavilion
SIZE:0 sqft – 1000 sqft