Birch酒店,英国切森特,Red Deer

Birch由总部位于伦敦的建筑和室内设计公司practice Red Deer与酒店创始人Chris King和Chris Penn合作设计,是一个雄心勃勃的项目,旨在颠覆传统酒店生活方式和豪华酒店理念,以及在建设和资源管理方面开辟一条可持续发展的道路。这里有各种各样的室内外活动,一个健康中心和一些悠闲的酒吧和农场到餐桌的餐厅,而桦树提供了你从日常工作中分离和减压所需的一切,使这个项目脱颖而出的是它的金津吉启发的哲学,庆祝不完美之美潜在的效果,除了酷的美学,是把客人从现代社会的完美主义压力下释放出来。

Opening a new hotel during a global pandemic may seem counterintuitive unless perhaps it has been conceived as “a next-generation escape hotel” that offers a tranquil getaway from the hectic lifestyle of urban living and constraints of modern life – and thus a chance to escape all the craziness. Such is the case with Birch, a new lifestyle hotel in Cheshunt, a 30 minute drive north of London that opened its doors in the summer, welcoming guests into a soulfully refurbished 18th century mansion that sits amid 55 acres of nature.
Designed by London-based architecture and interiors practice Red Deer in collaboration with the hotel’s founders Chris King and Chris Penn, Birch is an ambitious project which aims to upend both the traditional hotel lifestyle and the concept of luxury hospitality, as well as blaze a sustainability trail in terms of construction and resource management. With a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, a wellness centre and a number of laid-back bars and farm-to-table restaurants to boot, while Birch offers everything one needs to disconnect and decompress from the daily grind, what makes the project stand out is its kintsugi-inspired philosophy of celebrating the beauty of imperfections whose underlying effect, besides the cool aesthetics, is to free guests from modernity’s pressures of perfectionism.

Design:Red Deer
Photograph:Adam Firman