Blueprint是一个极简主义展览,由鹿特丹设计师Johan Viladrich创作。蓝图是设计师第一次有机会在一个“可控”的环境中完整地展示他的作品。为了这个节目,他想重现一个公寓式的场景。一个公众可以感知为宜居环境的空间,在这个空间里,作品将直接展示在地板上,没有讲台、障碍或头衔,就像在家里一样。

Blueprint is a minimalist exhibition consisting of works created by Rotterdam-based designer Johan Viladrich. Blueprint was the first opportunity the designer had to display his work in its entirety and within a ‘controlled’ setting. For this show, he wanted to recreate an apartment-like situation. A space that the public could perceive as a livable environment, and in which the pieces would be displayed directly on the floor, without podiums, barriers or titles, as they would be in a home.
The lines of traditional elements – chairs, couch and bed – are drawn on the floor using white tape to help differentiate various ‘rooms’. Props are spread throughout the space and materialize the presence of a user, strengthening the idea that the pieces are designed to be interacted with. The title ‘Blueprint’ and the scenography suggest that the twelve pieces presented are to be considered as proposals and principles rather than static objects. Indeed the works can stretch, extend and multiply, they are not bound to specific shapes or materials.

Design:Johan Viladrich
Photography:Johan Viladrich