BMLZ 别墅办公室 ,北京, Tsutsumi & Associates


This is a building complex for an architectural material company that mainly deals with import carpet and domestic acoustic absorption material. We renovate and expand the existing building which has basement floor and 3 floors above the ground.


Due to the difference of ground level, basement floor has open space on its south side, but on its north side it can’t get daylight. We need to carefully design the expanded volume so as not to block the daylight into the existing space. We studied a lot of models, like hollow volumes around central courtyard with several separated volumes, and finally decided upon a simple box. As a result, on the one hand its volume is just a simple box with a lot of randomly openings on its walls and roof, on the other hand the four scattered small courts make the plan complex.

由于小庭院的开口受到限制,所以我们觉得它是 “内部 “的,但在内部我们可以看到树木,并从天窗得到足够的日光,所以我们觉得它是 “外部 “的,当然现有的区域也得到足够的日光。这就是说,内部和外部是相反的,或者说这些是合并的。

Since the openings of the small courts are restrained so that we feel it “inside”, but inside we can see trees and receive enough daylight from skylights so we feel it “outside”, of course the existing area also receive enough daylight. That is to say, the inside and outside are reversed, or those are merged.


The ceiling of office area on the first floor is designed as sawtooth ceiling, adding the fake beams to hide the existing beam. By putting the lighting at the internal corner of the ceiling, as if the daylight from the sawtooth ceiling adds rhythm to the office place and it is filled with sufficient and homogeneous light.


On the second floor, galleries, conference rooms and president’s office are required, and each room is separated with glass partitions. Those partition is cranked to unevenness and Ivy is hanged inside glass alcove. Coupled with the black colored glass on the corridor, the uneven glass irregularly reflects the scenery and adds unusual effect to the ordinary life.


In the residence on the 3rd floor, the space is design as minimal in which gray is set as base color. Indirect lighting that illuminates the wall and ceiling is arranged in a balanced manner , making it a comfortable space enveloped in warm light.

Interior Designers: Tsutsumi & Associates
Area : 740 m²
Year : 2017
Photographs :Hiromatsu Misa, Yuming Song
Manufacturers : AGROB BUCHTAL, BASF, Bosch, CDN, Huazhu Structural Member, Oppein, Ruihengyuan, Tandus Centiva, Toto, Union, York
Facility Planning : Beijing Dongzhouji Technical Consultation, Hoshiaki Ishikawa, Katsunori Takebayashi, Ryuji Yamazaki
Structural Design : Beijing Yanhuang International Architecture & Engineering Co.Ltd, Liansheng Bao, Yanhui Liu
Lighting Design : Lightmoment Co.Ltd, Keigo Tanaka, Yoshihiro Kanamori
Design Team : Yoshimasa Tsutsumi, Siming Li, Weiwei Shi, Lin Song, Jun Cui
City : Beijing
Country : China