Boa Mistura新总部位于Puente de Vallecas街区,紧邻马德里M-30带状公路,占据了一栋1960年代建筑的底层。

Located in Puente de Vallecas’ neighbourhood, next to Madrid’s M-30 beltway, the new Boa Mistura’s headquarters occupy the ground floor of a 1960’s building.


A tailor-made suit. A former car repair workshop, the volume is cut lengthwise and divided into two different environments (an office area and a warehouse) that converge in a new workshop at the back of the plot. Each of both areas present specific spatial sequences, from more public to more private, concluding in the workshop, that becomes the real core of Boa Mistura’s activity.


A rough diamond. The installation of the underfloor heating and cooling system powered by aerothermal energy provides artists the necessary comfort to work in spaces from 4 up to 6m high. The rest of the construction materials are exposed. Vestiges from previous lives of the building, new partition walls (made with concrete blocks and brick) as well as all the new woodwork and locksmith elements are displayed with their natural finishings.

建筑师:ESTUYO Studio
照片:Javier de Paz García
制造商:Gabarró, Klein, Polytherm, Ecoforest, Panasonic
设计团队:Jaime Yndurain和Elena Santín
客户:Boa Mistura
构造者:Atelier Imaginean
金属制品:Metálicas B&M
绘画:Boa Mistura
城市 : 马德里
Architects: ESTUYO Studio
Area: 247 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Javier de Paz García
Manufacturers: Gabarró, Klein, Polytherm, Ecoforest, Panasonic
Design Team:Jaime Yndurain y Elena Santín
Client:Boa Mistura
Constructor:Atelier Imaginean
Metalwork:Metálicas B&M
Painting:Boa Mistura