随着Bob Champion研究和教育大楼的启用,诺里奇医学院成为临床研究和教学领域的世界领导者的愿景又向前迈进了一步。

The Norwich Medical School’s vision to become a world-leader in clinical research and teaching has moved a step closer with the opening of the Bob Champion Research and Education Building.


The new-build laboratory and clinical teaching facility for the University of East Anglia in collaboration with the NHS is the first building located on the developing Norwich Research Park and adjacent to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. The building’s research facilities are targeted at improving patient care whilst the clinical teaching areas are focussed on providing authentic healthcare learning environments for the University’s Medical School. The design of the building equally fulfils both institutions’ needs, creating a truly collaborative and forward thinking research building.

西部红柏包覆的建筑掩盖了一个朝南的阳光庭院,它面向原来的UEA校园和NNUH,为建筑的使用者提供了一个安全的方法和场所感,而他们周围的NRP场地正在开发。 主入口的特点是一个光线充足的中庭,地面上的共享咖啡馆和连接建筑两翼的宽阔的楼梯使其充满活力。 正是这两个公共空间促进了合作,鼓励所有学科和建筑的访客走到一起。

The Western Red Cedar clad building shelters a sunny south facing courtyard that looks towards the original UEA campus and NNUH and provides a safe approach and sense of place for the building’s occupants whilst the NRP site around them is developed. The main entrance is characterised by a generously lit atrium, animated by the building’s shared café at ground level and the sweeping staircase that joins both wings of the building above. It is these two communal spaces that foster collaboration encouraging all disciplines and visitors of the building to come together.

其他设施包括一个有200个座位的演讲厅,多个研讨室和供本科医学生使用的临床技能室。 对于研究生的研究,大楼提供了大型的开放式办公室和写作区,以及广泛的实验室和技术支持空间。 这将使研究人员能够探索从前列腺和抗生素耐药性到肌肉骨骼和胃肠道疾病的新疗法。

Other facilities include a 200-seat lecture theatre, multiple seminar rooms and clinical skills suites for undergraduate medical students. For post graduate research the building provides large open plan offices and write-up areas and extensive laboratories and technical support spaces. This will allow researchers to explore new treatments for diseases from prostate and antibiotic resistance, to muscular-skeletal and gastrointestinal diseases.

该项目以适度的预算交付,重点是为机构和新兴的总体规划创造性能良好的空间和激发质量的建筑。 用户的技术要求通过宽敞的地板到天花板的高度、大量的自然光和令人兴奋的色彩使用得到了平衡。 自然光的提供和环境舒适度的控制在所有区域都得到了优化,并在那些影响居住者生产力和绩效水平的区域得到了广泛的考虑。

The project has been delivered on a modest budget, with the focus on creating spaces which perform well and architecture which inspires quality for both institutions and the emerging masterplan. The user’s technical requirements have been balanced by the inclusion of generous floor to ceiling heights, floods of natural daylight and exciting use of colour. Provision of natural light and environmental comfort control is optimised to all areas and has been considered extensively in those areas where it impacts occupant productivity and performance levels.

由于预算和计划的限制,项目团队不断探索材料和施工方面的潜在成本节约方法;在项目的关键阶段进行价值管理审查,以确保预算保持在目标范围内。 例如,该建筑的外围护结构是由metsec填充墙体系统建造的,外墙的木质雨幕覆盖系统是在车间开发的,并批量运送到现场进行快速有效的安装。 此外,团队在可能的情况下与大学的首选供应商合作,以确保支出尽可能地具有竞争力。

Due to limitations on budget and programme the project team continually explored potential cost saving methods in both materials and construction; value management reviews were undertaken at key stages of the project to ensure the budget remained on target. For example the building’s external envelope has been constructed from a metsec infill walling system with the outer timber rainscreen cladding system being developed in the workshop and bulk-delivered to site for fast and effective erection. Furthermore, the team worked with the University’s preferred suppliers where possible to make sure expenditure was as competitive as it could be.

该项目是通过2个阶段的D&B采购途径进行的。 承包商团队很早就建立了诚实的沟通渠道,以确保团队能够超越客户的期望,并交付一个高质量的建筑和公共场所,为NRP场地的未来发展树立一个强有力的先例。

The project was delivered under a 2-stage D&B procurement route. Honest communication streams were established early within the contractor team to ensure the team could go beyond the client’s expectations and deliver an exceptional quality building and public realm that sets a strong precedent for future development on the NRP site.

Architects: Hawkins\Brown
Year : 2014
Photographs :Gareth Gardner
Manufacturers : Troldtekt, Kawneer, Velfac, Ibstock, western red cedar
Acoustics : Adrian James Acoustics
Structure Engineer : Arup, Carter Design
Services Engineer : Arup, Roger Parker Associates
Planning Consultant : Bidwell
Project Manager : Real Consulting
Main Contractor : RG Carter
Quantity Surveyor : AECOM
Landscape Architect : BD Landscape
Building Control : MLM
Architect In Charge : Russell Brown, Oliver Milton, Rebecca Wharry, Lucy Dinnen, Morag Morrison, Alex King, Annabel Jones, Julia Roberts, Thomas Hudson, Joseph Mackey
City : Norfolk
Country : United Kingdom