Brass House,日本东京,atelierco

Brass House 是由atelierco设计的位于日本东京的小型住宅。这个地方被称为Somei-吉野樱花树的出生地,位于东京Somei Komagome的一个密集住宅区。在向往开放空间的同时,房主想要一所能提供邻居隐私的房子。结合这些矛盾的方向将是一个巨大的挑战。

Brass House is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by atelierco. ​The site is known as the birthplace of Somei-Yoshino cherry tree, and is located in a dense residential neighborhood in Somei Komagome, Tokyo. While yearning for the open spaces, the owner wanted a house providing privacy from neighbors. Combining such contradictory directions would be a big challenge.
The house is flanked by houses and buildings on both sides but, fortunately, two open spaces in front of and behind the property allow the creation of a vista in this crowded place, and which made the designers think whether it was possible to incorporate this house into such built-up area. Half of the house is shown from the open space and the other half is stacked by closed spaces. Considering the symmetry, the southern elevation was designed in the shape of a iegata, with two roofs hanging over a center ridge.

Photography:Jumpei Suzuki, Yasuhiro Nakayama