Bruc 公寓 ,西班牙, Cometa Architects


A family of four with a love for architecture and interior design sought for an architect that could respond to a post-pandemic reality: A `work from home space that would not compromise the new uninterrupted floor plan.


The idea was to create a scenographic narrative using consecutive spatial perspectives generated by full-height doors. Simultaneously, interrupt large amounts of light with small darker ambiances. In addition, the choice of a meaningful materiality that could merge with the remaining treasured elements of the original interiors was a key decision.

这个20世纪初的现代主义公寓,有daedal Interiors,长长的黑暗走廊,一个小的不相连的厨房,大量的服务房间,和黑暗的角落,是一个非常复杂的结要解开。一个新的分配,要求重要的结构变化,完成了全新的电气、水和加热冷却装置。

This early 20th-century Modernista apartment with daedal Interiors, long dark corridors, a small disconnected kitchen, plenty of service rooms, and dark corners, was a very complicated knot to undo. A new distribution that demanded important structural changes was completed with brand-new electrical, water, and heating-cooling installations.

一个由一系列定制的门装饰的 “loggia “走廊是公寓的主干。这个空间在一个 “秘密餐厅 “灵感的厨房里打开,在那里,烹饪是业主的一种冥想仪式。

A `loggia´ corridor- ornamented with a series of custom-made doors is the spine of the apartment. This space opens up in a `secret restaurant´ inspired kitchen where cooking is a meditative ritual for the owners.

明亮的整体岛被深色漆面橱柜包围。到达客厅,公寓的 “大殿”,是珍贵的 “Noia “修复的地板,与现代照明系统和标志性的家具相融合。

The bright monolithic island is surrounded by dark lacquered cabinets. Reaching the living, the ´great hall´ of the apartment, is where the precious ´Noia´ restored floors, brew with the contemporary lighting system and the signature furniture.


The master quarter, opens up to a dark sleek walk-in wardrobe area and from there, to the en-suite bathroom. Custom-made fluted glass screens separate the wet area from the rest, offering a preternatural sensation. This Design & Build complete urban refurbishment includes: architectural concept, details design, structural calculations, permits, project management, construction execution, and restoration works.

Architects: Cometa Architects
Area : 250 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :José Hevia
Architects In Charge : Faidra Matziaraki, Victor Gonzalez Marti
Construction : TC-Interiors
City : Barcelona
Country : Spain