Burnt House,英国伦敦,Will Gamble Architects

Burnd House是位于英国伦敦的一个极简住宅,由Will Gamble Architects设计。扩建部分仿照日本茶馆,采用炭化木窗座椅,玻璃立面呈网格状,灵感来自日本传统的幕布屏风。扩建部分是面向室外庭院花园的厨房和餐厅的大型开放式围墙。

Burnt House is a minimal residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Will Gamble Architects. The extension was modeled after a Japanese tea house, and features charred wood window seat with a grid-like glass facade inspired by traditional Japanese shoji screens. The extension serves as a large open-plan enclosure for the kitchen and dining space facing the outside courtyard garden.

Design:Will Gamble Architects
Photography: Ståle Eriksen