Ca l’Amo房屋,西班牙伊维萨岛,MariàCastellóMartínez

在西班牙巴利阿里群岛之一的伊维萨岛的一片松树和杜松林中,MariàCastellóMartínez建筑公司设计了“ Ca l’Amo房屋”:这是一种宽敞却简约的住宅,利用了周围广阔的土地。
房屋的设计是在两个预先存在的石墙之间的空隙中进行,并带有一个占据中心位置的游泳池。类似于公司先前项目的设计,“ Ca l’Amo House”以五个几何体的形式形成,它们像分隔的块一样间隔开来,其中四个组合在一起构成了生活空间,而第五个则是招待所,位于室外区域的另一侧。前三卷共计为厨房,用餐区和卧室,而第四卷为阴影露台区。通过从一卷到另一卷的室内-室外进程,居民可以接触到多种不同的对比元素,该公司称这种体验提供了“更大的物质和谐感”。该房屋主要由木材和天然石灰石建造而成,房间的簇集设有大开口,带有落地玻璃窗。所有家具和室内物件都是定制设计的,其中包括西班牙设计师Jose Gandia Blasco和RamónEsteve为GandíaBlasco设计的极简的“ Na Xemena沙发”,以及MariàCastellóMartínez设计的“ D12系列”中的功能件。

Amidst a pine and juniper forest in Ibiza, one of the Balearic islands of Spain, the architecture firm Marià Castelló Martínez has designed ‘Ca l’Amo House’: an expansive yet minimal residential property that takes advantage of the vast surrounding lands.
The home was designed in a clearing between two pre-existing stone walls, with a pool that takes center stage. Akin to the design of the firm’s previous projects, ‘Ca l’Amo House’ takes its form via five geometric volumes, spaced apart like segregated blocks—four of which are grouped together to comprise the living spaces, while the fifth, the guest house, is located on the other side of the outdoor area. The first three volumes amount to the kitchen, dining areas, and bedrooms, while the fourth exists as a shaded terrace area. Through the indoor-outdoor progression of one volume to the next, residents are exposed to a diverse mixture of contrasting elements, an experience which the firm says provides a “greater material harmony.” The home is constructed predominantly from wood and natural limestone, with the clusters of rooms featuring large openings with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. All furniture and interior objects were custom designed, which includes the minimal ‘Na Xemena Sofa’ by Spanish designers Jose Gandia Blasco and Ramón Esteve for Gandía Blasco, and functional pieces from the ‘D12 Collection’ designed by Marià Castelló Martínez.

Design: MariàCastellóMartínez


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