Ca na Riera,西班牙, Atzur Arquitectura


The project consists of the reform of a flat in Barcelona’s Eixample. It is located in the chamfer, a fact that explains its elongated and narrow plan, almost like a corridor.


Before the intervention, the house had undergone multiple transformations. The original pavement and vault roof had been covered by materials of little value. The proposal seeks to put them in value, rescuing the essence of the place.


In relation to the distribution, the space is adapted to the contemporary way of life and the specific needs of its inhabitants. The house is structured through two wooden boxes that delimit the most intimate spaces (the bedrooms), this achieves maximum use of light and natural ventilation, as well as large and flexible common areas.


In addition, these boxes fulfill the function of storage, and in one of the cases, includes a high bed, in order to free up the ground floor space for other required uses.

被 “木制家具 “占据的地带有一个连续的人行道,而在公寓的其他地方,原来的人行道被保留了下来。这种材料和质地的游戏允许打破房子最初呈现的修长比例。

The strips occupied by the <> have a continuous pavement, while in the rest of the flat the original pavement has been preserved. This play of materiality and textures allows breaking the elongated proportion that the house originally presented.

Architects: Atzur Arquitectura
Area: 699 ft²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Judith Casas
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, JUNG, Duravit, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Balay, Faro, Microsoft Office, Trimble Navigation


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