Cadam:音乐家的公寓改造 ,西班牙, DTR_studio arquitectos

该公寓位于一个六十年代建筑的最后一层的角落里。这是一个阳光充足的公寓,但有一个传统的布局:一个大的 “L “形走廊,通向客厅和四间卧室(都朝向外墙),厨房和两个浴室(朝向天井)。

The apartment is in the corner on the last floor of a sixties building. It is a sunny flat but with a conventional layout : a large “L” shaped corridor giving access to the living-room and four bedrooms (all towards the façade) and the kitchen and two bathrooms (towards the patio).





The concept ideas will be:

-Adapt the current house to the new owner

-Enjoy as much natural light as possible

-Join original concepts of the house with new concepts


We remove all the divisions. We will use the furniture to delimit the different functions . Just the division between the day time space (living-room) and the night time space (bedroom) will have a very clear separation , but instead of a wall we use a long cupboard to be used for different things : kitchen, pantry, door , wardrobe. The office , directly in front of the entrance , is separated from the living-room by a cupboard lower than the ceiling, to allow the space to flow. The office space can also be used as a guest-room .


The open space concept allows us to enjoy all the natural light available. From early morning across the kitchen to the afternoon from the living-room corner

另一方面,我们认为突出房子的一些现有元素是很有意义的,可以保留它的记忆:没有盖子的混凝土梁和柱子以及家具将有助于划分空间的界限。这些 “悬浮 “的梁属于建筑的结构历史,有手工制作的模板和特殊的纹理。同时,原有的木质地板将被保留。如今,这种地板通常不被使用,但我们认为它们传递着个性和质量。新的饰面是根据原有的材料选择的:家具使用回收的木材(OSB),厨房和浴室地板使用复古砖。

On the other hand, we think it would be interesting to highlight some current elements from the house preserve its memory : The concrete beams and columns with no cover as well as the furniture will help to delimit the spaces. The “suspended” beams belong to the structural history of the buildings, with those handmade formworks and their special texture. At the same time the original wood floor will be maintained. Nowadays these kind of floors are often not used, but we think they transmit character and quality. The new finishes have been chosen in accordance with the pre-existing materials: recycled wood (OSB) for the furniture and Retro tiles for kitchen and bath-rooms floors.

Architects: DTR_studio arquitectos
Area : 100 m²
Year : 2015
Photographs :Cristina Beltrán
Constructor : MEPABI
Architect In Charge : Jose Maria Olmedo, Jose Miguel Vázquez
Colaborators : Claudia Gutierrez, Alba Marquez
On Site Management : DTR_studio arquitectos
City : Granada
Country : Spain