Campos Costa Arquitetos 工作室,里斯本, Campos Costa Arquitetos

CCA, Campos Costa Arquitetos是一家由Pedro Campos Costa于2007年成立的建筑公司,一直在发展跨学科的实践。2020年,该事务所离开里斯本的Baixa,在Anjos区创建一个与街道有直接关系的办公模式。

CCA, Campos Costa Arquitetos is an architectural firm founded by Pedro Campos Costa in 2007, which has been developing a transdisciplinary practice. In 2020, the office leaves the Baixa of Lisbon to create an office model with a direct relationship with the street, in the Anjos district.

位于Rua de Cabo Verde 17A,一个旧的面包厂已被改造成Campos Costa Arquitetos办公室(面包生产区)的入口大厅(旧面包店)。Antecâmara项目于2021年2月开始。Rádio and Galeria Antecâmara是一个会议和讨论的空间,创建的目的是质疑和扩大关于城市的概念和意义。

Located in Rua de Cabo Verde 17A, an old bread factory has been transformed into the entry hall (the old bakery shop) to the Campos Costa Arquitetos office (the bread production area). The Antecâmara project started in February 2021. Rádio and Galeria Antecâmara is a space for meeting and discussion, created to question and broaden the notions and meanings about the city.


Antecâmara was born after the renovation of the old bakery, with large windows to the street, and of the former manufacturing space of the factory, the CCA office, with two large vaulted ovens transformed into a meeting room and model room. The rehabilitation of the space consisted of an intervention to remove, preserve and give evidence to an already existing type of industrial language.


Due to the U-shape, the space naturally divides in two, enabling the diversified use of the atelier, having a more public area, for exhibitions, events, workshops, and a more private office area. To formalize this division, there is a shaped red rail curtain that allows, when necessary, the independence or privacy of the working areas.
Architects: Campos Costa Arquitetos
Area : 1399 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Tiago Casanova
Manufacturers : A Cimenteira do Louro, Vijopal
Project Team : Pedro Campos Costa, Francisco Guedes, Marta Onofre, Enrica Mazzon, Federica Fortugno
Client : CCA – Campos Costa Arquitetos
City : Lisbon
Country : Portugal