Canvas扬声器,韩国,Jeonghyun Ahn

韩国设计师郑贤安(Jeonghyun-Ahn)的独立扬声器“Canvas”以艺术画布和迪特尔•拉姆斯(Dieter Rams)为灵感,将设计、艺术和声音结合在一起。

Inspired by art canvases and Dieter Rams, Korean designer Jeonghyun Ahn’s standalone speaker ‘Canvas’ marries design, art, and sound.


Ahn wanted to create a household object that “is not only usable and intuitive, but one that is also aesthetic”. To do this, he designed a product that foregoes the traditional box-shape of speakers and resembles, instead, the pure white canvases used by painters. Intended to be a subtle addition to the home, like a piece of art, Canvas strikes a beautiful balance between form and function. The clean and minimal design allows the monoblock unit to blend with any interior space. Inspired by Dieter Rams’ industrial designs, ‘Canvas’ combines a robust shape with an elegant style.


Ahn took a less is more approach to the design, making both the process of playing music, and the look of the speaker, the simplest possible. The front has a smooth, minimal appearance, devoid of buttons, controls and branded elements, which are instead found on the sides, top and back of the device. The speaker is oriented upwards, at a 75-degree angle, allowing the device to be easily placed in any space and to deliver sound in any desired direction. Alongside the quality of its sound capabilities, the distinctive character of ‘Canvas’ gives the product a unique design presence, rarely found in traditional speakers. In the words of the designer, “the Canvas speaker is undoubtedly different”.

Design: Jeonghyun Ahn
Project: Canvas
Photography: Jeonghyun Ahn


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