Captain Grey咖啡厅,澳大利亚埃森登,Biasol

一间位于Essendon主要购物区的典雅装饰风格咖啡厅。该项目的调色板从迈阿密艺术装饰建筑的郁郁葱葱的双色立面中汲取灵感 – 在这里重新想象的是由粉状靛蓝覆盖的昏暗的烧焦橙色。中心是咖啡馆的流线型酿造站和柜台,定制的La Marzocco咖啡机清楚地表明咖啡制作的艺术就是这个场所的全部。有机形式的黄铜吊灯悬挂在头顶上,延续了台面蛋糕展示的光滑黄铜表面。柜台本身是用Fibonacci定制的斑点灰色瓷砖完成的。

Located in a former bank on a prominent corner site, Captain Grey is an elegant art deco-styled cafe on Essendon’s main shopping strip. The project’s colour palette draws inspiration from the lush two-tone facades of Miami’s art deco buildings – re-imagined here as a dusky burnt orange offset by a powdery indigo. The centrepiece is the cafe’s streamlined brewing station and counter, a custom La Marzocco coffee machine makes it clear that the art of coffee-making is what this venue is all about. Brass chandeliers in organic forms are suspended overhead, continuing the sleek brass finish of the counter-top cake display. The counter itself is finished in a custom speckled grey tile from Fibonacci which continues underfoot.

Design: Biasol
Photography:Daniel Aulsebrook
Location:Essendon, Australia
Category:Hospitality, Brand
Services:Interior Design, Branding