Casa A690住宅,墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉,Delfino Lozano

墨西哥建筑师Delfino Lozano对位于墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉附近城市Zapopan的三层1970年代住宅进行了改造。该房屋将墨西哥和地中海设计的元素融合在一起,以洛萨诺形容为“ Mexiterrean”。
几何住宅具有多种有趣的方面,包括其美学:矩形空间,内部开有院子,弯曲和圆形的窗户,以及穿过房屋墙壁和天花板的线性楼梯。地中海的特色在于物质性:木材,混凝土和石材。现代主义在建筑潮流中非常流行:双高度空间提供自然采光和通风。墨西哥方面包括多个内部庭院,白色的外墙以及覆盖有赤陶砖的平坦屋顶;因其能够保持高温凉爽而得以实施。“屋顶成为可用的露台,楼梯等建筑元素变成雕塑,” Lozano解释说。在房屋内部,起居空间采用灰色混凝土墙。

Mexican architect Delfino Lozano has transformed a three-story 1970s residential house located in Zapopan, a city nearby Guadalajara in Mexico. The home blends together elements of Mexican and Mediterranean design in a unification that Lozano describes as “Mexiterrean”.
The geometric dwelling has a variety of interesting aspects that comprise its aesthetic: a rectangular volume with courtyards slotted within it, curved and circular windows, and linear staircases that cut through the walls and ceiling of the home. The Mediterranean features focus on materiality: wood, concrete, and stone. Modernism lives on through an architectural trend very much in fashion: double-height spaces that provide much natural light and ventilation. Mexican facets include the multiple interior courtyards, exterior walls rendered white, and the flat rooftop covered in terracotta tiles; implemented for their ability to stay cool in the heat. “The rooftops become usable terraces, and architectural elements such as the stairs turn into a sculpture,” explains Lozano. Inside the home, living spaces feature gray concrete walls, contrasted against dark wood interiors including furniture, benches, floors, and built-in cabinets.

Name: Delfino Lozano
Project: Casa A690
Photography: César Béjar


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