Casa Atibaia住宅,巴西圣保罗,Maison de Sable&NI.acki

由设计师夏洛特·泰勒(Charlotte Taylor)和尼古拉斯·普劳德(Nicholas Preaud)设计。“Casa Atibaia”是一个精致悬挂的现代主义住宅的渲染,以柔和的曲线定义,完全被壮观的丛林景色所包围。
该住宅项目坐落在圣保罗森林中,坐落在Atibia河畔,是一个理想的现代主义丛林住宅的设计实验,它体现了居住在室内的感觉和置身于室外的错觉。设计二人组将该项目描述为对巴西现代主义的致敬,直接受到建筑师Lina Bo Bardi的“Casa de Vidro”,也被称为“玻璃房子”的启发。建筑遵循几何现代主义的原则,由白色混凝土和玻璃体量组成,坡道围绕着中央的树旋转。房屋被从地形中伸出的巨石轻轻地抬高,作为自然的架空物。原有的岩石也延伸到内部,形成了自己的空间。

Designed by creatives Charlotte Taylor from Maison de Sable and Nicholas Préaud from NI.acki, ‘Casa Atibaia’ is a rendering of a delicately suspended modernist home, defined by gentle curves and fully enveloped by spectacular jungle views.
Nestled in the São Paulo forest and built on the banks of the Atibia River, the residential project is a design experiment of the ideal modernist jungle home which embodies the feeling of living inside with the illusion of being outside. The design duo describes the project as a tribute to Brazilian modernism, directly inspired by ‘Casa de Vidro’, also known as ‘Glass House’, by architect Lina Bo Bardi. Following geometric modernist principles, the structure comprises a white concrete and glass volume, with ramps swirling around a central tree. The house is gently elevated by boulders jutting out from the terrain and acting as natural pilotis. Pre-existing rocks extend also into the interior, with spaces carved out of their forms.

Design:Maison de Sable & NI.acki
Photograph:Charlotte Taylor,Nicholas Préaud