Casa Cal别墅,墨西哥瓦哈卡,BAAQ’Arquitectura

位于瓦哈卡海岸的Casa Cal是一座海滨别墅,以其现代的设计、自然的周边环境和面向太平洋的视野而著称。这座墨西哥度假别墅有一个高架游泳池和一个茅草屋顶,是一个僻静的休息场所,远离人迹罕至的小路,并为隐私做好了准备。
这所度假屋是位于瓦哈卡州埃斯孔迪多港附近的圣埃莱娜海岸社区的八套住宅中的一套。埃斯孔迪多港是冒险家和海滩爱好者的热门目的地,被称为墨西哥冲浪圣地。这座两层的别墅由墨西哥城的工作室BAAQ设计,其特点是对比鲜明的立面、混凝土板和格子、凸起的天井和覆盖着一层层干棕榈叶的屋顶结构——这是对该地区典型的开放式住宅Palapas的致敬。在一楼的五间卧室里,多达十名客人可以享受到大自然的宁静,以及从二楼的全景,这里是生活区和公共区域。“Casa Cal”的亮点是游泳池,它位于住宅顶层的中间,形状像一个混凝土立方体。它被抬高,让居民在完全隐私的情况下品味太平洋的壮观景象和微风。

Aheaven on the Oaxacan coast, ‘Casa Cal’ is a beach house distinguished by its modern design, natural surrounding environment, and views towards the Pacific Ocean. With an elevated pool and a thatched roof, the Mexican holiday villa is a secluded respite off the beaten path, and primed for privacy.
The holiday home is part of a cluster of eight houses in the coastal community of Santa Elena, near Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca—a popular destination for adventurers and beach lovers, and known as the Mexican surfing mecca. Designed by Mexico City-based studio BAAQ, the two-storey villa is characterized by contrasting facades, concrete slabs and latticework, raised patios and roof structures covered with layers of dried palm leaves—an homage to the typical open-sided dwellings of the region, the Palapas. Up to ten guests can enjoy the stillness of the natural outdoors in the five bedrooms on the ground floor, as well as panoramic views from the second level, which is dedicated to the living and common areas. The highlight of ‘Casa Cal’ is the pool, shaped as a concrete cube in the middle of the house’s top floor. It is raised up to allow residents to savor the spectacle and breeze of the Pacific ocean in complete privacy.

Photograph: Edmund Sumner