Casa E住宅,西班牙梅诺卡岛, Marina Senabre

Casa E是位于西班牙梅诺卡岛的极简主义住宅,由Marina Senabre设计。 该建筑的特点是两个相对的白色几何体与室外游泳池相邻。 建筑物的位置可以最大限度地欣赏乡村美景。 内部主要由微水泥组成,覆盖地板,厨房岛和浴室墙壁。 较小的容积包含一个室内游泳池,该室内游泳池配有大玻璃窗以构成环境。

Casa E is a minimal residence located in Menorca, Spain, designed by Marina Senabre. The architecture is characterized by two opposing white geometric volumes that are adjacent an outdoor pool. The buildings are positioned to maximize the sprawling views the countryside. The interior consists mainly of micro-cement, which covers the floors, kitchen island, and bathroom walls. The smaller volume contains an indoor pool that features large glazings to frame the environment.

Design:Marina Senabre
Photography:Marina Senabre