Casa la ventolera之家,西班牙特内里费岛,Alejandro Beautell


The projected building opens to the southwest protecting itself from the strong prevailing winds in the area. The house is developed around a central courtyard, which, overwhelmed by the breezes, is a space of interior-exterior relationship.
The day area, welcomes in the same space the functions of being, kitchen and dining room. This room, diaphanous and double height, is projected outwards with the incorporation of the patio and the opening towards the back of the plot. The staircase that communicates the different levels, is opened in the habitable floors, enjoying the spatiality of being and accompanied, in its vertical route, a small patio arranged in anticipation of the future installation of an elevator, which favors the accessibility of the living place.

Project Name: La ventolera House
Design: Alejandro Beautell
Project team: Eloy Fernández del Castillo, Construcciones Expósito
Location: Tenerife, Spain
Date: 2019
Photography: Flavio Dorta


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