Casa Laia住宅,西班牙巴塞罗那,CAVAA


This project was born from the idea of relating the spaces of this house through a common thread.
It was born with the intention of formalizing a link that communicates the two ends of the apartment, materializing as a suspended ceiling that relates the existing and the new as a superposition.


The floor of less than 50 meters of surface, was divided into small rooms that configured spaces little ventilated and illuminated.
These rooms were organized from a wide corridor that allowed to serve the different pieces, chaining them and at the same time accumulating uses.


In order to continue understanding the house as a sequence of spaces, or as a single space; the intervention has minimized the division of partitions, but has enhanced with furniture, pavements and sliding doors; the division between stays.
Thus we want to convey a dual understanding of the house that is evidenced by materiality: using the roof as a unitary element in the sequence of rooms, and the pavement as that which divides the spaces.

Project name: Casa Laia
Architects: CAVAA – Jordi Calbetó
Collaborators: Federico Acetti and Pep Vinuesa
Construction management: Build it
Surface: 48 m²
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Photography: Filippo Polli