Casa Meco,葡萄牙梅科,Atelier RUA

Casa Meco是位于葡萄牙Meco的一个小型住宅,由Atelier RUA设计。三角形地块总面积13.850m2,南北向。通往该地块的道路沿着一堵白色的墙延伸,显示通往入口的道路。进入这个地块,这座建筑就显露出来了。有四个相似立面的完美广场。朝南,花园里的空地上有一个15×5米的游泳池。这座建筑物有一层楼高。阴凉的外部露台切断了它的四边形足迹。它是一个由一个大屋顶组成的卷,四个角由与程序的私有空间相对应的卷支撑。

Casa Meco is a minimal residence located in Meco, Portugal, designed by Atelier RUA. The triangular shaped plot has a total area of 13.850 m2 and is oriented South/North. The path to the plot runs alongside a white wall, showing the way to the entrance. Entering the plot, the building reveals itself. A perfect square with four similar facades. Facing south, a clearance in the garden holds the 15x5m swimming pool. The building is one story high. Shaded exterior terraces cut-out its quadrangular footprint. It is a volume composed of a large roof supported in its four corners by the volumes that correspond to the private spaces of the program.

Design:Atelier RUA
Photography:Francisco Nogueira


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